8 Secrets to a healthy smile.

A smile is one of the first things people will ever see and remember about you. A smile is a key and critical aspect of first impressions and influences how you are remembered. Surely you don’t want people to remember you with a stained smile, or a smelly mouth…you surely want to be remembered with a bright sparkling pearly white smile. But a white smile is only part of the equation by following the 8 steps below not only will you have a pearly white smile but you will, most importantly, have a healthy smile. A smile worth being remembered. Follow the following steps to the best smile ever!

1. Brush after every meal.

You’ve probably heard this since you were a kid, but the rule still applies. Don’t get lazy with your brushing and remember: don’t brush harder, brush longer and gentler. When brushing fails rinse your mouth with water thoroughly after each and every meal.

2. Don’t forget your gums and tongue…

Don’t just brush the enamel of your teeth. Your mouth has plenty of parts that require extra care, specifically the gums and tongue. Spend some extra time giving these areas attention for better breath and better overall oral health. Even with a pearly white smile, unhealthy gums and tongue can result in more oral health issues like a smelly mouth and gum disease.

3. Floss, floss, floss!

You know the drill. Flossing is recommended after every meal. Don’t let buildup in your teeth turn into nasty plaque. When you do not floss you let small particles of food hide in between you teeth running the risk of getting infections that can result in rotten teeth.

4. Avoid sugar, red wine and coffee.

Sugar can cause tooth decay and cavities. We know, it’s hard to say no to treats so practice moderation and be sure to brush after you’ve satisfied those cravings. Red wine and coffee can cause major stains. Again, we understand that cutting back is difficult so be sure to brush after each indulgence and visit your dentist for regular cleanings to prevent permanent damage to your enamel which can result in stains on your teeth. Whenever possible drink water, pure water.

5. Quit smoking.

Although smoking is more harmful for your lungs and other respiratory organs it has dire consequences for your oral health. If you are serious about your oral health you have no business smoking not even moderately.

6. Consider professional whitening.

Professional whitening is the best way to achieve beautiful, lasting results. We offer high quality whitening packages so please let us know if you’d like to discuss our options.

7. Visit your dentist regularly.

The very best way to maintain oral health is by regularly visiting your dentist. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. At least, you need to visit your dentist twice a year or once every 6 months.

8. Never sleep without brushing.

When you sleep without brushing your teeth you allow food particles stuck in between your teeth to decompose over the night, which result in all sorts of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and stains not to mention a smelly mouth.

Simple enough, right? If you’d like more information on oral health or would like to book an appointment please call us a call on +27 11 394 8753.

. We look forward to brightening your smile! #KemptonSmile #YourSmile


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