Choose Your Own Way to Brighten Your Smile

At this time of year people often resolve to make a few changes to their life and an increasingly popular way to do so is to brighten your smile. If you are thinking about improving the appearance of your teeth then why not book an appointment at Kempton Smile.

Finding out More About Ways to Brighten Your Smile

With today’s modern dental techniques, you’ll be amazed at just how much we can achieve to brighten your smile. From simple changes that take one or two appointments to full mouth reconstructions to rebuild teeth that have been badly damaged or which are missing completely. So where do you start? It all depends on the kind of changes you want to make, your budget and the time you wish to spend completing this type of treatment. For example, some people are in a hurry to get a nicer smile and will have a limited budget to spend. In this case there are still plenty of things you can do and which can help to significantly improve the appearance of your teeth.

Making Minor Changes to the Appearance of Your Teeth

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to brighten your smile is tooth whitening. It is a professional dental treatment that can be carried out on teeth that are healthy and strong. We use Zoom whitening which is one of the best-known and most effective systems on the market today. With Zoom, you could have a whiter smile in as little as an hour with our comfortable in-office treatments. Other things that can help significantly brighten your smile include renewing old and stained fillings and recontouring your teeth with tooth colored composite resin. These treatments are pretty quick to complete, requiring any one or two appointments.

Making More Significant Changes to the Way Your Teeth Look

If you are thinking about making more radical changes to brighten your smile then another extremely popular treatment is porcelain veneers. By using thin tooth colored slips of porcelain we can change the appearance of your teeth including their shape, size and color. This treatment can be extremely useful for hiding badly discolored or stained teeth which cannot be whitened, as well as teeth that are too small or oddly shaped and for closing up gaps in between teeth. If you have teeth that have very large fillings or significant decay or damage, then we might recommend crowning these teeth, covering them up completely with a tooth colored crown or cap which can be made from the very latest, high-tech porcelains. These treatments don’t take very long to complete, typically only two or three weeks at most.

What About Replacing Missing Teeth?

Dental bridges are a relatively quick way to replace missing teeth, but for the very best results you may want to consider dental implants that replace the tooth in a way that is extremely long-lasting. The advantage of having dental implants is that it will help prevent any further bone loss that naturally occurs once your own teeth are extracted. Dental implants only have positive effects on your dental health and single dental implants can look absolutely amazing. It is well worth spending a little extra time on this treatment at this stage to gain both the aesthetic and health benefits of dental implants.

Get ready for summer with a bright white smile!,  a visit to to Kempton Smile for teeth whitening is a great start. A bright white smile will definitely add a colour to your summer. Visit Kempton Smile, a renowned Dental Practice based in Kempton Park for more than 12 years now , to kick start your summer.

Dr S Kholvadia is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a Dentist, in Kempton Park. Kempton Smile is a family and cosmetic dental practice operating at Kempton Square next to Pick ‘n Pay, at Kempton Park

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