The Best and The Worst Alcoholic Drinks For Your Teeth

Weekend is here! its time to relax and you may be tempted to pull out a beverage for a nice, cold drink. But don’t make the mistake of drinking a teeth-reckoning alcohol beverage. Make sure you stick to the drinks that’ll keep your teeth in tip top condition.

Here we reveal the best drinks for your teeth and the drinks that can ruin your smile:

Worst drinks for dental health

Whiskey and Coke

If you want to ensure your long-term dental health, steer clear of whiskey and coke. Sodas are extremely bad for your teeth, as they contain acids and sugars that can give you cavities. Cola is a threat to the enamel anyway and when combined with whiskey, the risk of staining your teeth is all the greater.

Apple Cider

Cider, however lovely you may find it, is a real danger to your teeth and gums, due to its high level of acid. Drinking too much apple cider can leave your teeth in bad shape, as it could gradually wear away your tooth enamel. Diluting apple cider with water would be better for your oral health, but who’s really going to do that? If you want perfect teeth, we’d advise staying clear from this orchard favourite all together.

Vodka Cranberry

Don’t be fooled: Cranberry, although a fruit, has extremely excessive amounts of sugar and studies have shown Ocean Spray brand cranberry juice contains more sugar than a can of coke. Vodka has a drying effect on the mouth, which when consumed in high volumes can be harmful. Saliva protects the teeth from damage, so that glass of Vodka Cranberry poses a double threat to your oral health. Watch out!

Best drinks for dental health

Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic is a safer alternative to most cocktails as it contains low levels of acid. In addition to this, it’s a clear liquid so it won’t stain your teeth. However, be sure to fill a glass of tin and tonic with ice so as you drink it it’ll water down slightly, further reducing the acid’s presence.

Light Beer

Who doesn’t love a cold beer after a long week. Next time, why not opt for a light beer instead? Their low acid levels and high water content make them a safer option than the traditional beer. They are lighter in colour too, massively reducing the risk to surface stains. If you want to hold on to that great smile of yours – light beer is the best bet.


There you have it, the best and the worst drinks for your teeth. We all want to enjoy the relaxing weekend in pub gardens and parks, over a braai or with some friends – but we don’t want to be nursing cavity ridden mouths full of stained teeth, do we? So, a toast to drinks that won’t ruin your teeth.

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